April 20, 2021

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Best Jobs that Offers 7 Figure Salary

Dream for every student after their educational course is to get the seven-figure salary. There are very few people who can achieve and gain the seven-figure salary quite easily and other might struggle to get the salary. But the fact is that students can find it difficult to get the seven-figure salary initially.  So, depending on the result in their university or institute the student can get the desired amount they wish for. In this article, we are going to describe the best careers and best 7 figure salary jobs that paid you most for your educational courses. 

Best Jobs that Offers 7 Figure Salary

Chartered Accountant 

Becoming a Chartered Accountant is the toughest education in career which requires sufficient formal education. Chartered Accountant is internationally respected qualification that can provide with the knowledge, skills and values to be highly regarded professional. So, this requires lot of practice and study to succeed. To earn the person must be dedicated in order to achieve the rank and their position is well-respected which carries higher salary than the other educational courses. 

Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program | Vancouver Island  University | Canada

This is a recognized degree designed to develop the skills for careers in business and management. Getting a degree certificate from universities like Harvard, Stanford is a dream for every aspirant where they earn seven-digit salary initially when they get graduated from the top most university.

Master’s degrees in any Specialization

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A master’s degrees are the next step students might take after finishing their under graduate course and master ‘s takes another two years to complete. So, students have to work by performing research and writing a thesis. By having master’s degree students can make the job seekers more competitive in their field and can increase upto seven-figure salary per annum.

Computer Science Engineering

B.Tech Computer Science Engineering | BSc. Computer Engineering


Computer science engineering are well- known for their programming and development. After the bachelor degree they get the tag for software engineering. So, software engineering’s work evolves around writing computer programs and work with the other engineering experts to secure, install or develop advanced computer systems. Software engineering’s additionally solve any operational security or any other issues with software, computer systems and internal networks.


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Ph.D can be short form of Doctoral degree. This is the highest academic degree awarded which requires at least four years of study and research. Doctoral degree aspirant has to complete and defend a dissertation on their studies. So that they can earn this degree and whatever they like with the 7 figure salary.

Hope that we have covered all the topics in our article about 7 figure salary jobs. Thanks for reading!